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positive personal power podcast
Michael Tobin Obe and Nat Schooler Interview Stanley Tucci

The Positive Personal Power Podcast – Hope, Aspiration and Encouragement.
Our inaugural series of 20 episodes has brought entertaining and informative public figures, including leading sports personalities, into the spotlight. We are focusing on those who overcame whatever life threw at them to achieve their aspirations.

In other genres we have created 250 podcasts over the last five years, including the Influential Visions Podcast and a series of “Expert Talks” for the world’s largest E-book publisher.

We have a seasoned management team with decades of experience in a broad spectrum of business and of course life in general.

We suggest that ALL people are far from perfect and many are dissatisfied with their lives – it’s normal and they are not alone! Removing the shame to ask for help and finding the strength to handle whatever life throws at them is a key goal for our work.

Our hope is that this series will help people to break free from fear, shame, lack of confidence or any other impediment, to find their success.

Build and enhance people’s confidence and strength to handle life’s challenges.

These episodes are real-world stories of how our guests have moved beyond obstacles to achieve their goals.

All of our team are passionate about self improvement and leading a balanced lifestyle.

We hope that you enjoy this series.

Warm regards,

Nat, Mike and the PPP team.