Online Consumer Privacy During Quarantine and Beyond

Joined by Pierre Valade CEO at Jumbo Privacy – Founder of Sunrise Calendar (That sold to Microsoft)

On the podcast We discuss: –

Protecting your privacy and security online takes a lot of time and is very complex. 

With most of the world in quarantine over Covid-19, we are spending a lot more time online. How do everyday users control the data big tech companies are collecting on them?

Users are asking for better products: products that protect them, where their data is not harvested, where they are not unwittingly turned into the product. 

Jumbo’s goal is to help build an internet we can all trust; we’re doing this by giving back control and making privacy accessible. This involves hard product decisions to always protect users. It’s great that we are moving in this direction, but it comes with its own challenges and constraints. 

Future of the privacy landscape 

More and more users care about their privacy. This is an underserved market. But there are a growing number of services and tools to help. 

Americans opt out of products due to privacy concerns