Secrets of Audience Intelligence–Cultural Understanding

Audience intelligence is particularly important, especially when it comes to understanding the kind of content that resonates with your audience.

We have been working with Audiense to bring you ‘The Secrets of Audience Intelligence.’ This is the first podcast in the series of in depth interviews that will enable you to learn more about the ins and outs of audience intelligence, deeper customer segmentation, we explore influencer marketing, social media audience segmentation and how and where to find insights to bring you closer to your audience.

Audience intelligence is also key when choosing which influencers to work with, choosing what content to create and the topics that matter to your audience and target market and ways to engage with them and where.

In this interview, India White and I discuss getting closer to your audience.

Brands need to resonate with their customers – customers need to feel a connection and sense of trust with the companies they buy from. To do this, brands need to gain a fundamental understanding of who their customer segments are, beyond demographics, broad assumptions, and pre-determined media segments.

India White

Traditional research methods (while still relevant for broad knowledge of large audience segments) don’t move fast enough to keep up to pace with culture today.

India White

There are more people online today than ever before (especially with Covid) sharing their thoughts and opinions about everything.

However, as a general rule, only 10% of people are vocal online, that means the vast majority of us are lurkers. We research and observe, but we rarely engage. This is where social listening falls short and where audience intelligence becomes key.

Audience Intelligence gives us a back door to quickly learning about the culture – passions, interests, what matters most – of our audiences. It’s an actionable discovery tool that allows us to uncover things we never new about our audiences and reason about them in a new light.

India White

Discovering the segments that already exist within your audience (or competitors audience) sheds light on who and how you should be focusing your marketing initiatives (identify high-value segments).

India White

I say actionable because we can then take that data and apply it to the marketing strategies we already employ – discover the influencers who already resonate with your audience (niche and micro), see the content they read and share, know the media sources that they get their news from, see the brands and celebrities that they trust, get to know the vernacular and understand how they communicate, etc.

India White

“High-value segments” can mean several things depending on the company – as a marketer, I get really excited about segments that have a high degree of shared interests and high degree of interconnectivity (they know each other) – this creates an opportunity to “infiltrate” the segment. This is where the idea of “perceived viralty” comes in – if you strategically place a piece of well-researched content (based on audience intelligence) in the community and a few people share it, all of a sudden, the content will be perceived as “viral” as segment members are seeing it in multiple places. This also allows you to grow your audience strategically with highly actionable audience segments.
Culture is changing faster than we can keep track – especially when we have massive events going on across the world. Audience Intelligence allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of culture in your key audience segments.

India White

We cover huge amounts and any marketer or CXO will find this very useful.

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